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Cheap Athlete’s guide to the best cycling headphones

So you’re looking for the best cycling headphones? And you don’t want to spend a lot of money? How does $0 sound? Yea, sorry for the misleading title. But if you were searching for them I want to nip this… Continue Reading →

My Love-Hate Relationship With The Local Bike Shop

“Support your local bike shop” This phrase is so ubiquitous that it has become our mantra. We even wear shirts to support the message and blindly think were giving the honest-to-goodness best advice possible. Now I’m all for supporting the… Continue Reading →

How to make your own body glide

The cost of Body Glide is to darn high! Chafing, blisters and rashes are the nasty side of training. It’s not all pretty runs through tree-lined streets and rides up epic mountains with espresso stops like they show on the Rapha videos…. Continue Reading →

Should I buy a heart rate monitor?

A while ago I went over the pros and cons of owning a GPS watch. But you’ll notice I didn’t recommend a heart rate monitor. Moderately lengthy story short – it’s not a necessity but I don’t consider it a… Continue Reading →

Do you need a triathlon bike?

Q: Do I need a triathlon bike? A: Any bike is a triathlon bike if you use it for triathlons S: Thanks, jerk. OK, you’ve decided to do a triathlon – congrats! But what the heck are these funny looking… Continue Reading →

How to buy a used bike on Craigslist

How to buy a bike? So you want to buy a bike and don’t want to spend a lot of money? You’re not alone. Buying a used bike is one of the best ways to score a deal but it’s also a… Continue Reading →

How to buy cheap running shoes

Running shoes don’t need to be confusing. How I buy cheap running shoes. Talk to a runner and you’ll eventually end up talking shoes. And probably pooping. If you ask 10 runners what their favorite running shoe is you’ll get… Continue Reading →

Should I Buy a GPS Watch?

This post may contain affiliate links. See the full disclosure here. Q: Which GPS watch should I buy? Do I even need one? I’m asked those two questions by beginner runners more than any other. Well, those and what my… Continue Reading →

The best investment I’ll ever make

This post may contain affiliate links. See the full disclosure here. About a year ago my wife’s father passed away at 67 years old. He retired 3 months prior to receiving the worst news of his life and died 2… Continue Reading →

The opportunity cost machine

Before we start I must give you a disclaimer. I have an economics degree and I currently spend my days as a professional excel jockey for a financial institution. So in other words, I like to math. Boring….next article Egon…. Continue Reading →

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