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How to get paid for working out!

You know what they call people who get paid to do their sports? Professionals. So if you go by that definition then, despite what my bio says, technically I am a professional athlete. And you are just moments away from… Continue Reading →

Racing And The Art Of Travel Hacking

Recently I was interviewed on the Dizruns podcast and, of course, my “cheapness” was the main topic of the interview. As it should have been. And I thoroughly enjoyed it – “umms” and “you knows” and all. One of the… Continue Reading →

Where Does The Cheap Athlete Buy His Stuff?

Howdy friends! So I’m writing y’all a little bit different of a post than usual. Typically I’ll pose a question like “Do you need a wetsuit” or “What’s the point of cycling gloves” and attempt to provide a somewhat educated… Continue Reading →

The Cheap Athlete’s Guide To Overnight Relays

So there are a couple of topics I honestly feel that I am an expert on: Riding a folding bike Running through the winter Participating in an overnight relay Making fancy-pants spreadsheets in Excel Only one of those I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Dahon Speed P8 Review

Anyone who follows me on twitter knows that I love my red Dahon and readers of this blog already know it from Bike Commuting Essentials and The Best Investment I’ll Ever Make. But I’ve mainly talked about the financial and emotional… Continue Reading →

The Cheap Athlete’s Tribike Transport Review

I did a sorta not-so-Cheap-Athletey thing recently And I’m also sorta glad I did it. A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Boulder, Colorado and participated in a Half Ironman triathlon. For those wondering, it was a tough race… Continue Reading →

Gettin’ The Funk Out Your Workout Junk

Hi friends! Let me introduce you to my green sleeveless shirt. It’s about 6 years old and has trained for a whole mess of races, run the Blue Ridge Relay about 5 times, backpacked the Grand Canyon in the summer,… Continue Reading →

Marathoning and the quest for the Holy Grail

Boston. Boston. Boston. Boston. Boston. Boston. For so many runners making it to Boston is akin to taking a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. To run the world’s oldest annual marathon and line up against the best runners on the… Continue Reading →

How $12 can get you a more comfortable bike ride

Are cycling gloves necessary? One of the 14,000 reasons that I love cycling is that it’s so steeped in tradition. The bicycle was invented in 1817 and has a long, storied history when compared to the flash-in-the-pan whatever that someone… Continue Reading →

The Cheap Athlete’s Guide to Bike Commuting in Hot Weather

This post may contain affiliate links. See the full disclosure here. Mmm, swampy. Bike commuting in hot weather can suck just as much as the cold weather. Great, 6 months of sucky commuting weather! Nothing feels more un-refreshing than pedaling into… Continue Reading →

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