Who’s this guy?


Let’s start with you. You’ve most likely stumbled upon my humble little site because you want advice, free training plans or you don’t want to spend a lot of money on gear. Am I close?

Maybe you just like riding bikes or are looking for guidance for your first half marathon. You have no idea if you’re gonna like it, good chance you won’t.

Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by all the sites and message boards out there. Maybe you’re a gear head sent here to troll and tell me that I’m full of baloney.

Whatever the reason, even the troll part, I’d like to help you. Feel free to drop me a note on a topic you’d like discussed. Heck, I’d even review your gear if you send it to me. I just can’t promise an amazing review, unless of course, your product is awesome.

Now me. I am

An Ironman, Boston Marathon qualifier, former Division I swimmer and bike commuter. 

I’ve finished in the top 15% at Ironman sponsored races (140.6 & 70.3) and have two top 20 marathon finishes. I’ve backpacked the Grand Canyon in July at 130 degrees and have run in sub-zero weather.

But also

I have a demanding full-time job, a wife, friends, a long multi-modal commute and not a whole lot of time to devote to training. 

This probably also sounds like you. Right? Job, commute, family and no time for two a day training programs. Most of us are like that.

I’m not a professional and if you’ve landed here you also probably aren’t. Professionals get stuff for free. Us normal folk don’t – so why pay for professional grade stuff when it’s so far beyond our abilities?

I am here

For the aspiring triathlete, runner, cyclist, hiker, whatever you want to be who doesn’t want to spend a billion dollars on gear. Because that’s just outright silly.

Most of us will never smell a podium finish at Kona or win prize money at Boston. So why must we be concerned about the optimal weight of our cycling shoes? To get 189th place instead of 190th?

I know, you don’t want junk. Crappy gear sucks. But you also don’t want to pay for unnecessary stuff that you don’t need.

I want to strip these sports down and provide beginners the answers to the questions that I’m asked every day. What do you really need? How do I train for this? Which <thing> should I buy? You know, all that good stuff.

And I want to reprogram people. The only way to get significantly faster is to practice. More time in the saddle makes you faster, not a $200 Rapha jersey.

Additional tidbits

Aside from my love of triathlon I’m also incredibly frugal and an excel nerd. I’m very intrigued by the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) community but have chosen not to write a financially focused blog. But you’ll see me interact with and link to personal finance bloggers quite a bit. They’re fun and they get it. 

And a lot of them love bikes.

Got it? Now let’s get started!