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The Cheap Athlete’s Guide To Overnight Relays

So there are a couple of topics I honestly feel that I am an expert on: Riding a folding bike Running through the winter Participating in an overnight relay Making fancy-pants spreadsheets in Excel Only one of those I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Marathoning and the quest for the Holy Grail

Boston. Boston. Boston. Boston. Boston. Boston. For so many runners making it to Boston is akin to taking a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. To run the world’s oldest annual marathon and line up against the best runners on the… Continue Reading →

The best investment I’ll ever make

This post may contain affiliate links. See the full disclosure here. About a year ago my wife’s father passed away at 67 years old. He retired 3 months prior to receiving the worst news of his life and died 2… Continue Reading →

A few notes on simplicity

Hello internet, how are you? How did you end up here? Who knows, but I’m happy you’re here. I think there’s some good stuff for you to read here, but maybe I’m a bit biased. Wanted to kick this off… Continue Reading →


Ok, post numero deux. If you read the first post and are now reading the second then, holy crap, I actually published this stuff. I just spent a considerable amount of time (writing a post takes much longer than originally thought)… Continue Reading →

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