Free Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan

I just want to get a best time!

So unlike the beginner plan the expectation here is that you’re a seasoned runner looking to run a faster time. Maybe you have a few half marathons under your belt or you’re a former college runner looking for something  a little more than a “just finish” program. In this program we will increase the number of runs per week from 4 to 5 and incorporate track work on Tuesdays and pace runs on Thursdays. Please consider the beginner plan if you are not a former athlete or have zero to little experience with running races. If your legs are not used to running 5 times a week and at intensity there’s a good chance you’re gonna get hurt. Like 100% chance.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Everyone is a beginner at some point so ain’t no shame in following that program. Here’s the beginner link again.

Q: How hard should I be doing these runs?

Depends on the day. All days of the week not starting with “T” should be at an easy, chattable pace. Well set the goal here to be goal pace +1.5 minutes. 

So, if your goal is 8:15 minutes per mile then lets hold somewhere around 9:45 minutes per mile these days. If you find yourself super sore as a result of the “T” days then SLOW IT DOWN.  If possible let’s try keep to the pace +1.5 minutes on the long Sunday runs.

Tuesdays: These workouts start with a mile warm up, a track workout and then a mile warm down. The warm up, warm down and 400m runs after each repeat should all be done very slowly – these aren’t the meat the workout as we just want to loosen up and recover on these parts.

Track workout should be at goal pace -15 seconds.  So if you want to run 8:15 minute miles on race day then you would expect to do the 800 repeats in 4 minutes (8:15 – 15 seconds/ 2). Make sense? Goal here is to run a bit faster than you expect to go on race day but not so hard that you’re puking in the trash can at the end of the workout. Although you’ll look super hardcore to the other people moseying around the track you aren’t doing yourself any good here. So no puking, deal?

Thursdays: Again, we start with an easy mile warm up (feel free to do more if necessary), a pace workout and then a mile warm down. The pace portion should be at goal pace. So, 8:15 per mile if using the example above. We start the program with just a few miles of pace and work up to 6 miles at pace so that you’ll be well equipped to run a full 13.1 miles at your goal pace (if not faster).

Q: What do I do on rest days?

Chill. Use these days to do some light stretching or foam rolling to keep from getting injured. Please try to stay off the beer and ice cream so we don’t lose all we’ve worked for.

Good luck and let me know how it goes! You’re gonna do awesome!

Happy running.

Here’s the Excel version if you prefer