How to get paid for working out!

You know what they call people who get paid to do their sports?


So if you go by that definition then, despite what my bio says, technically I am a professional athlete. And you are just moments away from becoming one too!

But Cheap Athlete, I’m no pro, how can this be?

Well there’s this nifty little app, Achievement, that pays you simply for doing healthy stuff.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the App
  • Link it to health apps like Strava, Garmin Connect, Apple Health, My Fitness Pal (entire list here)
  • Get off your butt and move around
  • Upload activity from these apps to Achievement (my GPS watch does this automatically)
  • Get Paid

Sweet! How much moola we talking?

Well, you’re not exactly getting LeBron money here. When you reach 10,000 points you get $10 which you can receive via PayPal or a Visa gift card.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “10 bucks, c’mon dude.” Yes, $10 every couple of months is literally the worst professional contract in the history of sports. You don’t see Drew Rosenhaus inking Antonio Brown to a $10 Achievement deal but you also don’t see me catching touchdowns for the Steelers.

But you know what? I took about 10 minutes to set up my account and every couple of months I get $10. It’s the closest thing to free money as you can get.

And I don’t know about you but free money is my favorite kind of money.

Remember, a millionaire is made $10 at a time

There are countless ways to becoming a millionaire, for example: invent Facebook, win the lottery, perform surgery on brains, run a successful company, sell drugs or make a series of financially sound decisions and accumulate wealth slowly.

The last of those methods is tried and true and doesn’t require any luck or advanced degrees. And, of course, it’s also legal!

Plenty of cash piles can be viewed as the culmination of a lifetime of financially sound decisions so consider this just another addition to that cache of money you’re squirreling away. You can file this alongside other micro-decisions such as: bringing your lunch and breakfast to work, brewing your own coffee, ditching cable, mowing your own damn lawn, not paying someone to clean your living space, avoiding the dry cleaner and, well, you get the idea!

Trust me, each of these decisions by themselves doesn’t amount to much but when combined they become a formidable mass of cash which can drastically alter the rest of your life.

How is Achievement making money?

Yea, they’re selling this aggregate data and the tinfoil-hat-guy inside of me didn’t like that at first. But really, how concerned am I for someone to know that a 30-something dude in Jersey ran 8 miles today?

I mean, companies like Equifax and Yahoo are just dumping tons of our personal information out there and what information is more dangerous in the wrong hands – my social security number or knowing that I run a lot?

The Payment

After some time you’ll receive a notification stating that you’ve reached 10,000 points and then you simply log in and redeem your moneys. You’ll have two options – payment via Paypal or a Giftrocket Visa card.

Skeptical at first, I opted for the gift card and received it a few days later. But the card is wasteful so the second time I went for the PayPal payment since I knew they were legit. Your points drop by 10,000 and you start accruing all over again!


Achievement is a pretty simple way to earn a couple of extra dollars. It’s surely not the fast-track to riches but for people who train all the time it can be pretty handy. I mean, it’s basically a free 6 pack of running socks or 10 lbs of oatmeal from Costco every few months!

Also, I have a similar thing with Walgreens Balance rewards which gives you 10 bucks to spend at their store. So $10 worth of deodorant, mixed nuts, birthday cards or whatever the heck you buy at Walgreens just for working out!

And let us not forget – 10 bucks is greater than 0 bucks.

Happy achieving!




  1. If now only the healthcare insurance companies would jump on board and improve the rewards (or provide reductions on healthcare insurance), now that would really be worth it!

    1. Believe my healthcare reimburses some for gym memberships. But I don’t use a gym. Wish they’d offer more for people who workout outside of a gym

      1. An app like this could actually make that happen. The insurance companies just need to get onboard, but it will have to show an actual positive financial impact for them (otherwise it won’t be picked up). Food may however play a bigger role in healthcare cost though….

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